Extending Butter


I found that creamy fresh butter tastes so good but it’s not cheap. I set out to find recipes to extend my butter and make it more healthy. Low and behold I found all the instructions on a blog I love. Go see her directions at TipNut. http://tipnut.com/how-to-turn-one-stick-of-butter-into-two/

I made the half butter half oil recipe and was astounded to find it really is soft in the fridge and though not fat free its healthier than eating margarine. I can’t wait to make the diet version with Lecithin Powder. You’ll find my butter recipe below:

One version of this butter can be made by simply blending equal parts of oil and butter together, pouring into covered containers, and storing in the refrigerator. By including the other ingredients though you will have a spread that stays solid longer at room temperature (still refrigerate when not in use).