Fried Rice in the rice cooker


I had a buffet meal to make for my husbands work, which I do the last Saturday of each month. This month we did a healthy meal with Asian Chicken Salad, Fried Rice and Fresh Fruit for the meal. Everyone loved it and I thought I would tell you how I made it for 20 people.

I used the rice cooker and it kept the rice warm for hours!! This not only made it easy for me but it keeps the rice at a safe temperature so no one becomes ill from improper heating.

You can purchase these seasoning packages very cheaply at Walmart !! I got my Sunbird Seasoning Packages for $.84 each.

Rice Cooker Fried Rice

1 Cups White Rice or converted rice (Like Uncle Ben’s)

2 Cups Water

1 pkg Sunbird or Kikkoman’s Fried Rice Seasoning

2 Eggs

1/2 ham steak, cubed small

In your rice cooker add the rice and water and seasoning packet and cubed ham. Start rice cooker. Scramble the eggs and set aside till rice is done. Stir in the scrambled egg in the last few minutes of cooking time to heat the eggs. Stir and close the lid till time to serve. This was easy and everyone loved it. If you like a firmer rice use converted rice or use less water.