Easy Edible Garden 

Easy Edible Gardening by Sunset Magazine

Erin over at $5 Dollar dinners http://www.5dollardinners.com/ has been getting her yard ready for gardening this year. Todays garden pictures are so inspiring not to mention cute! (her boys are in the pics too). I now have no excuse not to try to produce a garden this year.

I bought this book last week and I want a garden in the worst way, but alas I don’t have room for a full garden or even square foot gardening. So when I found instructions for growing herbs and vegetables in pots I decided I had to start learning how. http://www.sunset.com/garden/fruits-veggies/how-to-grow-veggies-in-pots-00400000012149/

The book has all the tips necessary to grow the most successful garden just from pots, wash pans even grow the herbs on your fence!! I am so excited and you might want to buy it on amazon just for all the good tips.