Teaching Others to Cook 

I so enjoy cooking and I had always thought my family did not like to cook. Well I am here to say I was wrong. My adult son has had some extra time on his hands lately and started asking me how I fixed dinner. I started out teaching him to run each appliance and how to clean them up. We started with the rice cooker and he has learned to make rice, soup and reheat canned items with great success. The rice cooker in my opinion is the perfect sauce pan, it heats the food and then it keeps it hot for however long you program it for.It also boils or steams vegetables with ease freeing up the stove top and keeping the kitchen cool. He has gone with me to the Saturday Crew Food Feeds and enjoyed setting up the rice cooker for the meal. Success!

Next we moved on to the oven and stove. He understood the stove top but not the saute` or fry in a pan. So I started him out with some easy dishes that only required browning the meat and adding an easy bottled gravy or sauce mix. Now he makes spaghetti and pasta dishes, gravy steaks and is doing well sautéing onions and garlic for more involved things like homemade chicken broth, soups and stews. Success again.

He is getting quite good and now is learning how to manage the slow cooker and he adjusts my recipes to suit his tastes. He made a Turkey Breast in the slow cooker tonight and we so enjoyed it.

This week I am going to start him on make my pizza dough. He has tried it once himself but not by himself. I love to make it on Sunday and I store it in the fridge all week till time to make the pizza. He has some baking skills to his credit by making boxed cakes but now wants to try his hand at scratch recipes.

I had always tried to convince my daughter to cook with me with no luck. Who knew my son was the cook of my kids??

I love the picture above because that is how I always saw my Craig in the kitchen. For fathers day he grilled steaks for the third time and they came out fabulous! His dad and I were so amazed. You can teach and old dog new tricks!!