HELLO and WELCOME to my blog.!! My name is Dee and I am a SAHW married to my high school sweetheart for the past 33 years. We have two adult children that just graduated from College. My favorite past time is collecting Vintage Recipe books and recipes. Coming from a large family I learned to cook for crowds of people. I enjoy learning new techniques and sharing what I know from my experiences in the kitchen.

I have memories of my mother in our warm and inviting kitchen cooking for 7 children. Always the curious one I was often found standing on a stool next to my mother while she cooked our meals. It wasn’t long before she put me to work baking and cooking wonderful meals for our family.

My oldest brother would come home from the military base with his friends. They would stop by for a hot meal telling us stories of their adventures. I learned to cook, meal plan and buy groceries for our large family and friends. With very little money my mother and father managed to keep us fed and happy. I have learned to manage our home with the cooking lessons I had with my mom. Though our large family kept us in the kitchen cooking, cleaning and washing dishes , I can’t remember a nicer time in my life. I hope to teach my children how to make these home style meals and recipes so they may enjoy the warmth of friends and family around their table.