Chia Seeds Black

Chia Seeds (Black Variety)

The subject of nutrition comes up often in my home. In the fast paced world we live in it is often a challenge to eat correctly. Are you having any difficulty finding time to eat right? I know I am. You take time to fix foods your family will love to eat so they stay away from fast foods. Thats why we search blogs and read recipes that bring us hunting down information right?? That’s my motivation anyway and a common thread in todays busy world.

I am in search for information that will keep my family fed right and happy at the same time. This past month I have been reading a great deal about foods and have happened upon a new food. Well not new to the world but new to me. The food is called Chia Seed or Salvia Hispanica. You can read about it here on Wikipdia

I purchased some from a company locally and I started using it. It has good nutritional value so they say. I have food that I have some more energy, better digestion and the fiber content of my food is suppose to go up dramatically. Read for yourself and see. Join me in your food quest and add this seed to your foods and baked goods and enjoy the knowledge that your putting better nutrition into your families diet. My husband is joining me and my daughter is waiting for me to make baked goods so she can try it too. I hope to post my new recipes featuring Chia Seeds so0n.

Here is a technical data sheet on Chia/ Salvia Hispanica