Fat Free Ranch Dip 

1 pkg Dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix
1-17.6 oz. Container FAGE 0% Fat Greek Yogurt

Stir both ingredients together and chill well before serving with crudites’s(carrots, celery, pepper strips and other raw vegetables

I made baked chicken last night and wanted a sauce or something to dip the chicken into. Thinking about my diet and how to stay on track I made this with some FAGE GREEK YOGURT! Man o Man was this good and it came out thick and rich tasting. If you have not tried FAGE Yogurt you gotta try this dip mix made with FAGE GREEK YOGURT!! I thought yuck plain yogurt how can that be good well I am in love and I plan on making more, maybe adding some sun dried tomatoes and cubes of English cucumbers added for texture. If you like ranch dip your gonna love the 0% fat part and the taste is even better!